Omakase dining at Kame

Kame is more lively with Chef Eric and his sous engaging with our party and genuinely having fun as they prepared our meal. Also, unlike the more traditional Kabuto fare, the dishes at Kame are creative and modern where multiple ingredients are used for each dish to create unbelievable flavor profiles, like Maine lobster combined with uni, caviar, black truffle sea salt, toro, and yamamoto berry. Eaten individually or together, each bite was pure bliss.

Other standout dishes included king crab with torched uni butter; live uni over brown rice and hairy crab; and lobster claw with uni butter. The more minimal preparations — the sushi — were stellar, too. Each delicately crafted and formed or brushed with soy sauce to maximize the umami factor of each.

They may not get the press that top-tier dining destinations do, but the experience here is one of the best in the city.


Kumamoto Oyster: one with uni and caviar, one with toro with caviar


Live Lobster (from Maine) with sea urchin (from San Diego), caviar, kamashita toro, 23 karat gold flake


A beautiful platter with fresh wasabi consisting of Hairy Crab (from Hokkaido)


O-toro Sushi with gold flakes


Lobster with Sea Urchin Sauvignon Blanc sauce


Giant Clam


Brown rice mixed with roe of Hairy Crab (Kani Miso) with seaweed, O-toro, Uni, Caviar, Quail egg and Ocean Trout Caviar


Monkfish liver in ponzu sauce


Live uni over brown rice


Abalone sashimi


Uni from Hokkaido, waygu beef, California caviar


 A5 Kagoshima Wagyu