Kame Omakase

Omakase dining at Kame

Owned by Chef Eric, it’s a super-secret omakase restaurant right next door to Yummy Grill & Sushi. No signage means more fun, right?


Nelson says that Chef Eric sources some of the freshest fish available and the quality is comparable to what you would find in the top sushi restaurants on the Strip. Having tried a selection of Eric’s creations, I can definitely say that it was super fresh. After all, you can’t get more fresh than LIVE seafood!


First, we tried a bunch of rolls that Chef Eric was testing out. Some of them were quite tasty, but the real show was all of the delicious live raw seafood that we were about to try.


Some of the highlights included lobster sashimi (my first time trying raw lobster, and let me tell you, it was melt-in-your mouth!) The decadent lobster was topped with caviar, uni and even some gold flakes. Now that’s fancy.


He also let us try some raw clams, including abalone. It’s always a pleasure to get to taste delicacies like that.


He brought out some hairy crab, which is definitely a rare treat to get to taste. The hairy crab dish that Eric brought out was topped with uni and salmon roe, making it even more decadent.


Chef Eric did a great job preparing all of the dishes and presenting the fish in ways that are unique from your traditional Japanese omakase. I was very grateful for the chance to check out some top-notch live seafood!

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