About Us

About Us

Kame Omakase, one of the best Omakase
in Las Vegas, Nevada

 Meet the newest omakase hidden treasure in Las Vegas. Chef Eric Kim converted the side of Yummi Grill & Sushi in Summerlin into a Kame, tiny restaurant and hopes one day to convert the entire space into this three-hour experience. Kame can mean a vessel like a pot or a vase, or turtle, in Japanese.

Kame Omakase is one of the top sushi restaurants in Las Vegas. Chef Eric Kim opened Kame next door to his Yummi Grill & Sushi to offer an elevated experience like no other.


Chef Eric sources his seafood similar to other top sushi restaurants in The Strip but, since Kame is Off Strip, he’s able to offer a much cheaper price of $195/person. (Kaiseki/$250)

He explains that because he’s a Korean doing sushi, he actually works ten times more than Japanese chefs in bringing the sushi experience to his diners.

Kame Omakase offers fresh and delicious sushi and sashimi. Our sushi comes from only the freshest fish available. Our restaurant is open twice daily, Monday through Saturday. It is reservations only and are two hour courses, the first is at 6:00pm and the second is at 8:30pm. Our dining experience is small, exclusive, and exquisitely upscale. Omakase is chef's choice. There is no set menu, when you come in, the chef will prepare you the freshest and most delicious dishes of the day. Come join us for some exquisite Japanese cuisine today!