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Kame Omakase, one of the best Omakase in Las Vegas, Nevada

The dining experience at Omakase Room by Kame is built around a relationship of trust and spontaneity between Chef and each diner. Chef’s curated omakase offerings change often, highlighting a diversity of ingredients, preparations, and the range of textures.

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Before crafting a personalized meal, Chef Eric engages with each guest in a brief conversation about their preferences and curiosities while he carefully perceives their inner mood and desires.

Las Vegas

The intimate space evokes Japanese minimalist traditions by using organic shapes and refined essentials, to create serenity and harmony amidst the pace of the city.






We welcome you to Omakase by Kame, an intimate experience of Japanese sushi tradition crafted and hand-served by Executive Chef Eric. After considering your individual tastes and mood, Chef creates the best omakase.

“My omakase is about honoring the individual… Creating a personalized sushi experience is my true passion and the source of my inspiration.”



Premium Omakase $350/P

Reservation only.

" No dining menu,omakase menu only.
Premium Omakase $350 per person. Late night omakase on Saturday and Sunday only.
We have two seatings every night.
at 6 pm- 8pm and / 8:30pm - 10:30pm. Late night Omakase at 11pm - 1am on Saturday and Sunday only.
We take a reservation from 2pm every day.
Please, leave a voice message to book your reservation during the business hours.".

No kid available. .



Chef always carefully documents diners’ responses to
fine-tune his understanding of their preferences and impressions.

The art of sushi is an endless pursuit, a lifelong path chosen only by the chefs who can fully appreciate the journey as much as the final destination.


For more information,

Please call (702) 771-0122

Reservations are required and can be made through by phone. Cash and all major credit cards are accepted.


We ask our guests to arrive promptly to ensure you experience the chef’s menu in its entirety. Please be courteous of the other guests who will experience the chef’s tasting with you. In order for the tasting to begin, all guests must be seated on time. Please allow approximately one and half hour for the dining experience.

If you wish to modify your reservation, we ask that you give us a 48-hour notice prior to your reservation date to avoid a cancellation charge. Any cancellation, modification or no-show made within two days of your reservation, will be subject to a fee of the cost of the menu per person.




3616 West Spring Mountain Rd Ste 103 Las Vegas, NV 89102

Reservation only.

" Premium Omakase $350 per person. Late night omakase on Saturday and Sunday only.
We have two seatings every night.
at 6 pm- 8pm and / 8:30pm - 10:30pm.Late night Omakase at 11:00pm - 1:00am on Saturday and Sunday only.

12 years or older available.
No take out order.

Kame Omakase

Call : (702) 771 0122